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Jan Ringoš, Tringi.TRIMCORE.cz


The programs, games, utilities and other software presented here is considered finished. In practice this means that versions available have no major known defect, and that I no longer actively work on the software itself nor on the relevant documentation. No further updates are expected, only where noted or where updates still routinely appear. Everything here was created for fun, as a proof-of-concept or an experiment, and thus is available with no guarantee at all. For license text and details see Freeware license.



The MX-3 Supervisor is a power-user utility that enables immediate suspension or termination of problematic processes. It was specificaly designed for use in corner cases where Task Manager won't open, like when running problematic full-screen games or high-priority resource-intensive tasks. The purpose of the MX-3 Supervisor isn't to replace Task Manager or Process Explorer but to efficiently complement them.

Dynamic Log Viewer

Simple and easy to use software tool similar to Notepad, that is used to view dynamically updated log files. Inspired by linux tools, this product is dedicated not only to developers but for everyone who needs to be aware of current state of processes or systems that log their status into log files.

B-Cup XP

Simple, fast and compact automated backup solution. Once set up, it will sit quietly in the background and backup your data on certain events or in specified time intervals. Useful system utility with simple and intuitive user interface so even beginners can easily use it.

Games and animations

Starfield Screensaver

The classic old Starfield Screensaver reimplemented with modern accelerated rendering and positioning.

Shoot 'em

Very uncommonly elaborated game, yet simple and funny 3D pure shooting action game. The special on this game is its 3D engine because whole 3D graphics is drawn in full colors in text mode. Surely you know what ASCII Art means.

Solar System demo

A simple animation made for Czech 3D Open Contest theme Space 2004. This demo attempts to show maximally realistic view of all our planets including their moons. The visit ends in close look at the sun. Demo takes 7 minutes and I am sure you will like it.

Add-ons and extensions

Taskbar Sound Badges

This small program monitors which applications are currently playing sound and adds Taskbar Badge to icons of those that do. This is preview version.

Notepad Position Saver

The program instruments standard Windows Notepad application to remember screen position of each file, and prevents double-click opening a file that is already opened.

NFS Keep-Alive

Trivial utility that sits in the background and periodically pings list of network shares provided by user. Useful if you experience explorer/applications freezing for several long seconds after Alt-Tabbing into it or refreshing view of remote network shared folder.

Keyboard Locks Indicator

Displays NumLock, CapsLock and ScrollLock indicator in the Taskbar notification area (tray). Useful for notebooks without physical LED indicators.

Full Throttle Override

Lightweight utility that automatically throttles CPU to maximum performance while any of the user-defined applications runs. Manual override is also available. CPU(s) core(s) immediate activity is displayed as a customizable taskbar notification area (a.k.a. tray) icon.


Enter The Matrix Character Hack

If you were disappointed that you can't play Enter The Matrix as Neo or Trinity, then download this program. It enables you to play as about 60 different characters, including Neo and Trinity.

Legacy utilities and software

This page is a quick index into few of my oldest programs and utilities. Note that Czech-only software is indexed only on Czech-translated variant of this page. The software listed on this page is OggVorbis Translator and PUeX Player, though the list my expand in future if there is any interest in my even older work.

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