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Full Throttle Override

Lightweight utility that automatically throttles CPU to maximum performance while any of the user-defined applications runs. Manual override is also available. CPU(s) core(s) immediate activity is displayed as a customizable taskbar notification area (a.k.a. tray) icon.


  • 30.11.2013: 30.11.2013: Version 1.2 fixed graphics for 10 or more logical CPUs
  • 19.02.2013: Version 1.0 released

Download: FullThrottle.exe

Full Throttle Override installer. Version 1.2
File size: 113 kB

Usage scenarios

When responsibility of some applications feels like it just should be much better given the hardware.

Unless tweaked or overclocked, when balanced power scheme is used, modern CPUs usually run at roughly third of their nominal speed. Often cores gets parked and don't run at all. Although the cores will activate and frequency will raise under significant load, it takes the operating system a perceptible fraction of second to recognize such situation and react. This throttling can lead to frustration with software that is mostly idle but requires peaks of performance, e.g. graphic editors. Symptom is when responsibility of these applications feels like it just should be much better given the hardware.

The easiest solution would be to always use the High Performance power scheme, but that would come with seriously increased power consumption and heat. Expert-level solution is to tweak several of the hundred hidden power scheme options exactly for your CPU model. Or you can try my Full Throttle Override.

Install Full Throttle Override, add programs that you experience the described low responsibility in, or just wish to run on full throttle (games maybe), and you are set. The Full Throttle Override will activate High Performance power scheme (or just set CPU frequency to 100%) when any of the programs run and will return to previous settings when not. As a bonus, a taskbar notification area (tray) icon will continuously display immediate status of all your cores.

OS and resource requirements

  • Windows Vista or later
  • 16 MB of free RAM
  • 1 MB of free space

Verified compatibility

  • Windows Vista, 7 and 8
  • Windows Server 2008 (including R2)


  • Automatic change of power scheme or CPU frequency when registered program runs
  • Manual activation of Full Throttle mode
  • Two modes of operation
    1. High Performance scheme is activated
    2. Only CPU frequency is set to 100% (current power scheme otherwise remains)
  • Customizable (style and colors), DPI aware, live notification icon
  • English and Czech localization


The Full Throttle Override is available as Freeware.
For detailed text of the license see Freeware license.
Please consider supporting this software: How to support the development.

Important notes and potential issues

  • Automatic and Full Throttle modes are disabled when run without administrative privileges. These are required by Windows to allow performance control APIs. Use Task Scheduler to run the program on startup with highest privileges.
  • The program will not run on Windows XP or older. Performance control is implemented through API available only on Windows Vista and later.
  • Double clicking the notification icon will switch mode intuitively. When inactive a Full Throttle mode will be activated, when manually activated the previous mode is activated, when automatically throttled the program goes into Disabled mode. That mode is displayed in menu as bold.
  • Program installer adds Windows Scheduler item to start on logon with administrative privileges, run taskschd.msc to tweak or disable this. For example if your computer usually runs for more than 3 days or when you want Full Throttle Override to be available even when running on battery power.
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