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Shoot 'em

Very uncommonly elaborated game, yet simple and funny 3D pure shooting action game. The special on this game is its 3D engine because whole 3D graphics is drawn in full colors in text mode. Surely you know what ASCII Art means.


Download: ShootEm.zip

ZIP archive that contains the game. Version 1.0
File size: 0.7 MB


For its simplicity, we distribute the game as a ZIP package. This can be unpacked by Windows XP operating system or using other product like Total Commander, WinZIP, WinRAR or others. Just unpack the game in whatever folder you desire, and play by running the ShootEm.exe file.

Game details

Let's say that you are in some kind of 3D space and you have two Machine guns and Mine emitter controlled by mouse. You use these weapons to destroy as many objects as possible before they reach the ground and hurt your armor and health. Your goal here is to survive as long as possible. You can shoot down many kinds of bonuses, like extra ammo, extra health, extra points or special rapid-fire ammunition.

The game is over when last fallen object takes away your last bit of health. Very interesting is to synchronize your points with rest of players through the Internet to see, who is best...

OS and resource requirements

  • Windows 2000 or XP
  • 16 MB of free RAM
  • 1 MB of free disk space

Running on Windows 7 and later

  1. Unpack the game in a directory of your choice
  2. Delete ShootEm.exe (really, it's just fullscreen loader)
  3. Rename ShootEm.dat to ShootEm.exe
  4. Run the game and wait for "...press ENTER to retry or ESC to quit" error message
  5. Go to console window Properties (through the menu under the title bar icon)
  6. Set both "height" fields to 50
  7. Click OK
  8. In console window press ENTER
  9. Play

These settings get saved for the game, so there is no need to repeat it every time.


Shoot 'em is available as Freeware.
For detailed text of the license see Freeware license.
Please consider supporting this software: How to support the development.


Important notes and known issues

  • The game was developed for Windows XP in particular.
  • Full-screen mode does not work on Windows Vista or newer.
  • Game tips and command line documentation is included inside the package.
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