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Jako každý typický programátor se často nadchnu pro nějaký zajímavý nápad, jehož dokončení je ale nakonec nad mé síly, nebo entusiasmus jednoduše brzy vyprchá. Aby práce na takových projektech nepřišla zcela vniveč (a že to jsou občas týdny i měsíce), pak jsou, ať už jako studijní materiál, studnice nápadů, výchozí bod pro zájemce nebo pouze jako další kus v mém portfóliu, k dispozici zde.

eXtendable Binary

An effort to implement a library for manipulation with universal file format that would match the requirements of so called Binary XML (a superset of features required by Efficient XML Interchange). The XB data format allows fast and compact, yet still robust enough, serialization of trees of any arbitrary data.

Z4 Library

The Z4 is filesystem-based storage library. The higher level class allows user to easily store many files within a directory tree in one single file, and achieve moderate compression with still be able to change contents of large files without complete recompression.

Aegis Engine

A very naïve in its first version, and overly complex and overwhelming to a single programmer in its second version. Sadly very incomplete. That is Aegis Engine, a library incorporating 2D and 3D graphics, computations and other components important to development of a computer game.

Tau Controls

A small library of a few simple window controls like button, checkbox, divider, slider and some other. If you need non-standard controls to your program, the TauControls might be the right thing. Especially suitable for hacker styled programs, already used in the setup dialog of The Matrix Trilogy screensaver.

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