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Aegis Engine

A very naïve in its first version, and overly complex and overwhelming to a single programmer in its second version. Sadly very incomplete. That is Aegis Engine, a library incorporating 2D and 3D graphics, computations and other components important to development of a computer game.


Download: aegis001.zip

Source code of the second version as a ZIP package. Version 0.001
File size: 123 kB

Download: aEngine.zip

Source code of the first version as a ZIP package.
File size: 0.6 MB


Aegis Engine was to be full-featured basement for developing advanced games and game engines. It consists of numerous classes and function collections (files) with only a minimum internal dependencies so many of them can be used alone.
Installation and use of this library is no different than use of any other C++ library.


Aegis Engine s a free software available under the zlib license.
For detailed text of the license see The zlib License.

Important notice: Discontinued, archived

Aegis Engine has been discontinued and is available here only as part of the archive.
No support, documentation nor further details are available regarding this software.

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