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Jan Ringoš, Tringi.TRIMCORE.cz

Profesní rozlety

The content of this page is only available in Czech and as such is displayed below. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Na projektech pro různé zákazníky jsem měl možnost se seznámit a pracovat s řadou atypických a zajímavých technologií. Mnohé z nich jsem i sám implementoval. Příspěvky v této kategorii jsou typicky souhrnné články, popisující konkrétní nasazení té které technologie, spolu s požadavky, prostředky a omezeními, se kterými jsem se potýkal. Rozhodně zde nečekejte ridigní styl Wikipedie, naopak lze zde vypozorovat mé názory, předsudky a démony. Mnohé ze stránek v této kategorii jsou teprve připravovány.

Embedded development

MOXA UC-7101 with μClinux

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C167: 16-bit C code

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Embedded 80186 @ 80 MHz

Industrial microcontroller with 80186 CPU running on 80 MHz (that is 13× faster than original 186) running DOS that will boot in a few tenths of second, and for which you can compile present-day C++ using DigitalMars Compiler, is not only an interesting toy, but a very affordable and efficient solution to various industrial applications.

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This page summarizes my most interesting public or corporate talks that I have given. These talks were mostly about programming, advanced software development and other areas of my expertise. Due to my duties and responsibilities talks listed here are my last. Anyway, something is coming up in 2024, so stay tuned :) But please note that my talks are conducted in Czech language.

IEC 60870-5-104 protocol

A specialized industry project required me to implement a complete layered architecture of communication protocols as specified in the ISO/IEC 60870-5 standards set. On top of this foundation I have implemented the concrete protocol defined in the companion standard 104 with all of the relevant components from the companion standard 101. The library by design allows programmers to easily implement completely different communication protocols on top of the prepared foundation.

SCADA systems

Throughout the past few years I maintained one truly legacy, yet really powerful and interesting SCADA system. Amidst removing certain systematic limitations across its huge codebase, I have designed and written a component that runs in parallel to the legacy core, offers necessary resources and connectivity for modern extension processes and conveys their communication with the legacy parts.

Industrial Andon systems

Člověk, který nic neví, nevidí problém, člověk, který hodně zná, vidí moře problémů.

exertion of the imagination, portfolio library and software repository