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Add-ons and extensions

Rsrc Generator

Standard Win32 API Meta Information generating helper tool. Generates VERSIONINFO-containing Win32 resource (.rc) file and WinSxS assembly manifest for your EXE or DLL according to details specified in the .info file, optionally incrementing build number.

Taskbar Sound Badges

This small program monitors which applications are currently playing sound and adds Taskbar Badge to icons of those that do. This is preview version.

Notepad Position Saver

The program instruments standard Windows Notepad application to remember screen position of each file, and prevents double-click opening a file that is already opened.

NFS Keep-Alive

Trivial utility that sits in the background and periodically pings list of network shares provided by user. Useful if you experience explorer/applications freezing for several long seconds after Alt-Tabbing into it or refreshing view of remote network shared folder.

Keyboard Locks Indicator

Displays NumLock, CapsLock and ScrollLock indicator in the Taskbar notification area (tray). Useful for notebooks without physical LED indicators.

Full Throttle Override

Lightweight utility that automatically throttles CPU to maximum performance while any of the user-defined applications runs. Manual override is also available. CPU(s) core(s) immediate activity is displayed as a customizable taskbar notification area (a.k.a. tray) icon.

Windows 7 Taskbar Separator

A trivial program with no function at all and with blank icon. Made to be used as the last pinned program on Windows 7 Taskbar, in order to separate pinned programs from unpinned ones.

Liquid Click Delight

A very simple addition for your desktop that simulates fingers touching the LCD screen. Liquid Click Delight is more of a proof-of-concept specialty than a day-to-day use utility but fun to try nonetheless.

Trayler XP

Simple utility, that monitors CPU usage, physical memory usage, keyboard locks and time, and displays it in the notification area in a little unusual way. It extends the look of explorer's clocks in Windows 2000 or newer.

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