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Jan Ringoš, Tringi.TRIMCORE.cz

Active projects

Projects that see active development or are being prepared or debugged can be found in this category. Typically, I have a long list of key and defining features for these projects that are yet to be implemented, and usually there is no documentation. The same as for finished projects applies; everything here is available with no guarantee at all; and additionally may have severe undocumented defects or may not work at all. Also please see full text of Freeware license.

The Matrix Trilogy Screensaver

The Matrix Trilogy Screensaver project aims to be the best the matrix code simulation freely available. So called digital rain, the green code running on the operator's screens in The Matrix movies, implemented as a screen-saver for Microsoft Windows operating systems.


Although software that can be found in Freeware category is considered complete, a few products are likely to occasionally receive an update. That mostly happens when more users request a certain new feature or when a bug is discovered.

Actively supported finished products:

Suspended and archived projects

Just like any other typical programmer I often enthuse over some interesting idea. And more than often the project design grows over my head as I realize what resources it would finally require, or sometimes that enthusiasm just fades away. Because I often spent many weeks on such projects, I feel the need to at least share what I have so far. The list can be found in Papers & C++, or directly here:

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