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Jan Ringoš, Tringi.TRIMCORE.cz

No true programmer works at 9 a.m. If he does, it means that he was awake the whole night.

Welcome to a website dedicated to my portfolio of freeware work.
See my most essential projects in the menu above.
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Main sections

Programy a nástrojeFreeware

Finished and supported applications, games and utilities.

Aktivní projektyActive projects

Everything I work on, or at least I thing about really hard.

Vývoj a programováníPapers & C++

Especially source codes and work about C++ and sw development.

Profesní rozletyEndeavours

Technology articles, papers and interesting notes from my field.

Knee deep in the...

Started moving my projects to github.com/tringi. I have this small idea on innovating core TCP/IP services; we'll see, I'll soon be adding new project here. Finishing reading a great book Code Craft (Pete Goodliffe).

News, updates and changes

News display deeper history

Jan Ringoš [link leads out of this web] (link leads to personal CV) is a software architect, programmer, system engineer, graphic designer, website administrator, and often the designated driver.

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