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eXtendable Binary

An effort to implement a library for manipulation with universal file format that would match the requirements of so called Binary XML (a superset of features required by Efficient XML Interchange). The XB data format allows fast and compact, yet still robust enough, serialization of trees of any arbitrary data.

Please note that this project is hosted on SourceForge.net [link leads out of this web] and the download and documentation links lead there.

Download: xb-1.0.0.src.zip

ZIP archive with the library sources. Version 1.0.0
File size: 51 kB

Download: xb-1.0.0.doc.zip

ZIP archive with full documentation.
File size: 39 kB


Further project details are TBD as the project is currently suspended.
Installation and use of this library is no different than use of any other C++ library.

Future development

  • An editor for the XBinary should be finished to aid manipulation with binary data.
  • Format documentation .txt file needs to be revised and updated.
  • Differential storage and DTD and XLINK binary alternatives needs to be specified.


  • C++99 conforming compiler

Verified compatibility

  • MinGW (GCC)


The eXtendable Binary is a free software available under the zlib license.
For detailed text of the license see The zlib License.

Relevant links

Important notes and known issues

As fast and easy it is for user to work with XML documents it should be for the computer and programmer to work with XB documents.

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