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Z4 Library

The Z4 is filesystem-based storage library. The higher level class allows user to easily store many files within a directory tree in one single file, and achieve moderate compression with still be able to change contents of large files without complete recompression.


Download: z4-0.9.7.zip

The Z4 library source codes as a ZIP package. Version 0.9.7
File size: 36 kB


Advantage of the Z4 is the read/write access time to the archive. All compression and disk write access is suppressed as much as possible by double-level access caching. The purpose of the Z4 file format is not for a common data transfer, but packed online data storage for moderately large data amounts. Here a package with source codes, basic documentation and example project for wxDev-C++ is available.

Total Commander plugin


Download: z4wcx-0.9.7.zip

ZIP package with Z4 Total Commander plugin. Version 0.9.7
File size: 78 kB


Z4 Library s a free software available under the zlib license.
For detailed text of the license see The zlib License.

Important notice: Discontinued, archived

Z4 Library has been discontinued and is available here only as part of the archive.
No support, documentation nor further details are available regarding this software.

Further notes

  • The Z4 library uses ZLIB for data compression. Use of ZLIB version 1.2.3 to link with Z4 is strongly recommended.
  • The package contains basic documentation for highest level api of the Z4 library.
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