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Wireframe RTS

Although far from a fully-fledged Real Time Strategy game, this is still somewhat playable technology demo. A temporarily suspended hobby project, written from scratch in C++ using OpenGL for rendering.


Download: WiredBattle.zip

ZIP package with the game demo. Version
File size: 0.7 MB


The executable provided is an example of my RTS engine which simulates a fairly standard and simple tank battle. Each tank can be commanded separately, all have a certain level of combat intelligence. As in any other RTS there is a number of buildings to be build and used, each have its own purpose.

Note that this is just game engine demo, not a full game. It is missing most of the graphics, audio, and higher AI. The current game-play also doesn't present nor evaluate any mission goal. This version, for presentation purposes, automaticaly builds about 200 enemy tanks, without these being specified in the level file.


The game is mostly controlled by mouse.

  • Left mouse button click selects a tank or a building, or, when unit is already selected, sets a target waypoint or an enemy to engage.
  • Right mouse button click cancels current selection.
  • Mouse wheel zooms the view.
  • Mouse wheel click, hold and movement rotates the view.

Keyboard controls default to:

  • Pause - pauses/unpauses the game-play
  • F8 - displays current FPS
  • TAB - show/hide user interface
  • Scroll-Lock - disables/enables auto scrolling when mouse is at the view borders
  • * - resets zoom
  • / - resets rotation of the view
  • ALT - shows the way-points and left mouse click adds next one
  • X/C - gather/disperse mode for tank movement

Setup, Graphics, Levels and Game-play tuning

Many aspects and parameters of the engine and the game-play are loaded from following XML configuration files:

  • data/config.xml - renderer basics like screen resolution or window behavior
  • data/callsigns.xml - texts used for naming units
  • data/colordef.xml - various colors and names used in other scripts
  • data/constants.xml - game-play parameters of weapons, ammunition, chassis, armors, buildings, explosion and other
  • data/drawings.xml - list of XML graphic files for objects; read from graphics subdirectory
  • data/fonts.xml - font definition for texts
  • data/keydef.xml - keyboard assignments
  • data/particles.xml - particle systems definitions
  • data/texts.xml - text strings for UI and game-play
  • data/level/level0.xml - environment script loaded at startup of this demo
  • data/graphics/*/*.xml - XML graphic files, preliminary vector graphics for various objects


  • Windows 2000 or XP
  • 800 MHz CPU or faster
  • 64 MB of RAM
  • 2 MB of free disk space


This technology demo is available as Freeware.
For detailed text of the license see Freeware license.

Important notes and known issues

  • An occasional crash inside nvoglv32.dll has been experienced on Windows Vista. Upgrading your nVidia drivers and/or disabling the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) may help.
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