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Trayler XP

Simple utility, that monitors CPU usage, physical memory usage, keyboard locks and time, and displays it in the notification area in a little unusual way. It extends the look of explorer's clocks in Windows 2000 or newer.


Download: TraylerXP.exe

Trayler XP utility installer. Version 1.0
File size: 129 kB


After the Trayler XP is installed, you won't need any other CPU usage or memory monitoring utility. Anytime you look at the clock, you'll see current CPU usage, memory usage and keyboard lock state. CPU status is indicated by moving tick. When it slows down, CPU usage is increasing, if it stops, CPU usage is at 100%.

OS and resource requirements

  • Windows 2000 or later

Verified compatibility

  • Windows XP and 7 (64b)


Trayler XP is available as Freeware.
For detailed text of the license see Freeware license.
Please consider supporting this software: How to support the development.

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