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Rsrc Generator

Standard Win32 API Meta Information generating helper tool. Generates VERSIONINFO-containing Win32 resource (.rc) file and WinSxS assembly manifest for your EXE or DLL according to details specified in the .info file, optionally incrementing build number.


  • 13.08.2016: Added it here.

Download: rsrcgen-

Rsrc Generator. Version
File size: 23 kB

Browse and download latest version on github.com/tringi/rsrcgen [link leads out of this web]

Installation and usage

To use as part of the build process in Visual Studio, in project properties, navigate to "Configuration Properties / Build Events / Pre-Build Event" and add following to the "Command Line" field:

"$(SolutionDir)rsrcgen.exe" "$(ProjectDir)$(AssemblyName).info" "dir=$(ProjectDir)\" debug=$(UseDebugLibraries) platform=$(PlatformTarget)

You will need to edit the proper path to the rsrcgen.exe file above.


Rsrc Generator s a free software available under the zlib license.
For detailed text of the license see The zlib License.

Building the program

Rebuild of the source should be straightforward, Dev-C++ project is included. To refresh manifest and VERSIONINFO for the rsrcgen.exe itself, run:

rsrcgen.exe PATH\rsrcgen.info dir=PATH debug=false platform=x86


This tool is actually nothing much more than a very simple string replacing tool with predefined content. Written as very simplistic, for single purpose, does not even free allocated memory.

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