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Libraries and sources

EXT C++ Library

Set of various classes, templates and macros that extend functionality provided by ISO C++ and standard C and C++ library. All of these were first used in real projects, then found very reusable, re-factored and packed together into the EXT Library. As such its presence is a requirement to build some of my newer projects.

Brace C++ Library

Brace is a comprehensive C++ template library that parse, organize and serialize string-based human-readable hierarchical data. The contained format itself is easier to edit and maintain than XML, yet similar in philosophy and already in widespread use.


Now implemented throught generic double_integer template that doubles width of any integral data type, even recursively. Unlike other large number classes, you can work with double_integer instantiated types just like with other P.O.D. types, the template generates native little-endian integers.

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