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Legacy utilities and software

This page is a quick index into few of my oldest programs and utilities. Note that Czech-only software is indexed only on Czech-translated variant of this page. The software listed on this page is OggVorbis Translator and PUeX Player, though the list my expand in future if there is any interest in my even older work.

OggVorbis Translator

Program OggVorbis Translator can encode audio files in Microsoft WAV (.WAV), MPEG Audio Layer-2 (.MP2), MPEG Audio Layer-3 (.MP3), AIFF, AVI (audio track only) or OggVorbis into Ogg Vorbis (.OGG). You should be able to half your music archive size without decreasing subjective sound quality. If you have a Windows Media Player 9 installed or Windows Media Player 9 Runtime installed, OggVorbis Translator will also encode WMA, ASF and WMV (audio track only) files.


Download: OggVorbisTranslator.zip

ZIP package with the OggVorbis Translator program.
File size: 444 kB

Alpha version of the second version is also available. Note that the project has been canceled and the version available still have many issues and bugs.


Download: OggTrans2_a1.zip

ZIP package with OggVorbis Translator 2 alpha program.
File size: 381 kB

PUeX Player

PUeX Player is minimalistic player of MP3, MP2, WMA, ASF, WAV, OggVorbis and Audio CD. Czech version only. Skins are available at PUeX Player Homepage [link leads out of this web]


Download: PUeXPlayer130.exe

PUeX Player installer. Version 1.3
File size: 286 kB

Remaining legacy software

I am author of many other programs and utilities, that are missing on this website since they either do not work at all on current Windows versions or they were rendered obsolete. If you are looking for some of them, let me know through the Contacts page.

Programs and utilities mentioned here were developed especially for Windows 95 and 98 and may not work at all on newer version of Windows. For most of them I don't even have a source codes any longer, so one most likely won't get any updated or fixed version.

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