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How to support the development

Most of my software here is completely free to both use and distribute, and even for those that are not exactly Freeware nor completetely open (The zlib License) the restrictions are usually minimal. A note of appreciation sent by e-mail always cheers me up and usually carries quite some motivation. Should you want to more concretely express acknowledgement of the time and the effort that I put into the development, and so directly support it further, please donate amount of your own choice, however small, in one of the following way:

Bank transfer

IBAN: CZ6501000000944063660207


Or for any payments you may use this my e-mail adress: Tringi@Mx-3.cz

BitCoin donation hole


Thank you

And of course do not forget that e-mail. Let me know what improvements and new functions would you like to see, and also what parts are not as good as they could be.

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